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A last will and testament, simply called a will, is among the most vital estate planning documents everybody should have. The main purpose of creating a will is to select the beneficiaries you want to leave your assets to. Beneficiaries are usually family members but can also include other relatives, trusted friends, and organizations. You will also need to select a personal representative who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes in the will.

Aside from letting you direct what happens to your assets when you die, a will may also provide peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be carried out to the letter upon your death. On the other hand, if you die without leaving a valid will, or called dying intestate, the court must decide how to distribute your property and debts.

If you need more information on creating a will and what it can do for you, don’t the Mullins, South Carolina wills attorneys of Whittington Tiller Law Firm LLC are here to offer you legal assistance.

What Exactly is a Will?

A will is basically a legal document that contains your final wishes. In general, you can use your will for:

While a will is a simple and straightforward way to address some of your estate planning needs, it’s not capable of doing everything. For example, you can’t use your will for:

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Taking the necessary steps to plan your estate is the best way to make sure that all your wishes will be executed properly when you pass away. While you have various estate planning tools to choose from, deciding which ones will suit your needs can be challenging.

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