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A trust is essentially a legal agreement or device used to hold and manage property, in which the individual setting up a trust, called the settlor, transfers property to the trustee, who must manage the trust assets for the beneficiaries. Settlors can also be trustees, and trusts can have multiple settlors and trustees, such as in cases when married couples decide to create a trust together.

Trusts are common components of comprehensive estate plans. If you are planning on creating a trust, the Whittington Tiller Law Firm LLC is ready to help. You can consult with our skilled Mullins, South Carolina trust attorneys, to explore all your options and the best types of trusts (there are plenty!) that will fit all your needs.

Why You Should Set Up a Trust

Trusts are set up to take advantage of benefits that can’t be achieved with just a will:

If you’re looking to accomplish these goals, reach out to our Mullins, South Carolina trust attorneys today for more information about trusts and how they can specifically help to achieve your estate planning goals.

Setting Up Your Trust

You must draft a trust agreement that names the settlor (you), the beneficiaries, and the trustee and specify how the property you want to hold in the trust must be distributed and managed. Make sure to think about how you wish to distribute the trust assets and income.

You must then fund your trust by transferring property to it. How you wish to fund your trust will mainly depend on the nature of the property you want to transfer:

We understand that creating a trust can be daunting and confusing. Let us put the experience and legal expertise of our attorneys to work by helping you create a trust that’s most suitable for you and your family’s requirements. Please get in touch with the Whittington Tiller Law Firm LLC and arrange your meeting with one of our Mullins, South Carolina trust attorneys by calling 843-464-7821 or contacting us online.