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People collect guns for all kinds of reasons, for self-defense, hunting, target shooting, or to uphold their right to keep and bear arms. Firearms can also be heirlooms and investments, and responsible gun owners want to ensure that their guns will be used responsibly and passed on to people who will appreciate and care for them.

The main purpose of a gun trust is to enable you to pass on firearms to your heirs without violating any laws. This is where expert legal guidance from the Mullins, South Carolina gun trust attorneys of the Whittington Tiller Law Firm LLC comes in. Our attorneys can set up a solid gun trust that will work for your specific situation.

What Exactly is a Gun Trust?

A gun trust will let you transfer your guns to your intended heirs and make certain that they don’t unintentionally break any laws simply by receiving them. It can be an irrevocable or revocable trust, but most people opt for the revocable type since it can be modified and amended during the grantor’s lifetime.

While you can place any lawfully owned weapon into your gun trust, most people use it for transferring specific weapons categorized under the NFA’s Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968. These Title II weapons include short-barreled shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, and silencers/suppressors, among others.

Gun trusts can likewise protect you should you become incapacitated or used as a tool for your estate plan. For instance, if your family has a firearms collection that has been passed down through multiple generations, you may also want to pass down the collection to future generations.

Apart from allowing the lawful transfer of guns and possibly avoiding probate, gun trusts also come with other benefits. The National Firearms Act was created for discouraging and controlling transactions that involve firearms because they were commonly used in criminal activities. It also sets a transfer tax of $200 and requires the filing and submission of specific documents to the local police.

But your beneficiaries can circumvent these rigid NFA transfer requirements if you place your guns in a trust. The trust can also safeguard your estate’s heirs, trustee, and executor who may not know about the state’s gun laws and may unintentionally violate the law without even realizing it. In addition, a gun trust lets you name multiple individuals to possess your firearms held in the trust as well as offer some level of protection from future changes in you and your heirs’ circumstances and the law.

As you can see, there are various issues and regulations surrounding the transfer of guns to your intended heirs. An improperly formed gun trust can lead to harsh legal consequences for your heirs, including felony charges and costly fines, among others.

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